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  • Scalp SMP is the process of creating the illusion of hair follicles by applying an organic, specialized pigment with the use of an extremely thin needle the size of a hair follicle.

    This procedure is ideal for men that suffer from “male pattern baldness”. It can also be applied to conceal scars that resulted from prior hair transplant procedures or accidents, to create the appearance of density in people that suffer from thinning hair and also for people that suffer from alopecia.

  • It is very important to avoid exposure to sun for at least one week immediately following the procedure. You will want to avoid excessive sun exposure (especially sunburn) in general after your procedure as it can cause your treatment to fade.

    You may wear a loose fitting hat.

    Do not wear your hat for long periods of time. Remove periodically and allow the scalp to breath.

    Allow 24 hour before washing the scalp and then do so with gentle soap and pat dry with a clean towel. Be careful not to rub or scratch.

    Very important, you will need to avoid any type of pools, baths, oceans, hot tubs or generally soaking your scalp in any type of water (or liquid) for 4 weeks after the procedure as it can cause the “dots” to merge/fuse together.

    No excessive sweating, this has the potential to cause the same damage as soaking with the added negative effect of potential infection due to the bacteria.

    Your technician might recommend an ointment be applied. This will depend on the general dryness of your skin. Someone with more than normal oily skin should not use an ointment.

  • A fully completed procedure can generally last up to 10 years or more without requiring a touch up. However, this can vary from person to person. For instance a person with dry skin or who has constant exposure to sun may require a touch up in as little as five years.

  • A touch up is generally a shorter procedure and costs less than your initial application. It is the process of "reviving" your Scalp SMP procedure.

    It normally requires only a few hours and you likely won’t require or feel the need for one for at least 5-10 years.

  • That certainly depends on the patient.

    When you originally came in for your procedure you may have had a receding hairline that was treated by us and now your hair continued to recede past the point that was originally treated, that’s a reason for a touch up.

    Some people notice a small spot that has faded and want to get it taken care of right away; this scenario is an example of the patient’s personal upkeep preferences as others may wait a few more years until the fading is more noticeable.